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Day 5: Who came first, the chicken of the egg?

January 22, 2012

While at Chiasma, I was able to engage in a dynamic conversation regarding the funding of entrepreneurial endeavors. The major question of the day was, “who came first, the chicken or the egg?”.

When considering entrepreneurial endeavors, funding is of the utmost importance. A great idea can only be realized with capital, but in order to get capital, a great idea must be realized! It’s the age-old dilemma of every transitional period in every life cycle.

I really enjoyed the risk and courage that the panelist displayed and discussed. I was truly able to see Israeli chutzpah embodied, and able to identify its worth. The conversation was not only inspiring, but provided me with the necessary tips to obtain funding:

1. Perfect your idea

2. Get the experts to develop it

3. Believe in your product!

The highlight of the experience was being able to talk to not only entrepreneurs, but also venture capitalist. Hearing both aspects of the funding process, and understanding what entrepreneurs and investors recommend when soliciting capitol was priceless! The controversial opinions kept the conversation interesting, and provided my classmates and I with significant perspective. Dalia Megiddo MD, Managing Partner, Expedio Ventures, Galit Zuckerman, CEO, Medasense, Steven Eitan, CEO, Exalenz, Dana Gelbaum, VP Commercial Planning, Chiasma Daniel David, Commwell Mediacal all brought valuable experiences and advice to the table.


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