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Day 4: Where Innovation Never Stops!

January 14, 2012

MGT 347 engaged in the art of innovation!

As I walked through the Iscar complex, I wondered to myself if there was an “Innovation for Dummies” book laying around that I had never heard of. Iscar managed to revolutionize medal cutting through innovation, developing techniques that maximized its skill, and brought the industry to new heights!

Take a moment to think of cutting medals. Whether doing it by hand, or with a machine, one would think that it could easily be sawed through with a steel or iron blade. Simple right? Wrong! Iscar used highly technical engineering to create a completely automated system that would cut medals accurately and precisely. The machines Iscar developed would cut operations cost and increase the quality of the product for the consumer, enhancing medal cutting as a whole.

Imagine walking into a manufacturing room full of robots operated by laser signals sent by other machines. Imagine a complete assembly line that required minimal human supervision and maintenance. Now imagine Iscar’s manufacturing room, take a visit, and watch as your imagination is realized. I was in awe at what was in front of my eyes! I asked Moshe Goldberg, the VP of Marketing, how it was done. He replied by stating, “we focused on strengthening our strengths, continuously bettering our product”.

Focus is the key of innovation and entrepreneurship! One is presented with a problem, critically evaluates the essence of the issue, and thinks outside of the box to resolve it. Then one focuses its strengths, develops the product, and makes it better through each stage of transformation. One cannot take on too much to be successful. Focus on what your good at, in order to be great! Iscar became great at cutting medals, and hired companies great at creating robots to assist them in their success.

Change your industry through your strength, and  Never Stop


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