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Day 2: Have you been to the melting pot?

January 8, 2012

Jקרדושךקצ:Tיק םךג בןאט/Jerusalem: The Old City

America is commonly referred to as the greatest melting pot of the world; have you been to Jerusalem? I could not believe the close proximity of such distinct peoples and religious centers! Jerusalem may have taken the gold for the greatest melting pot in my perspective.

From experiencing the tops of Mt. Scopus, to the inner city streets of Old Jerusalem, I was bombarded with various cultures, faiths, and peoples. I experienced a historical treasure sacred to the three largest religions in the world, and saw their followers running through their respective quarters.

The robes, priest, and masses taken place at Christian landmarks was rather overwhelming. Hundreds of people gathered to touch tomb of Jesus, and be able to experience something a little closer to their God.

The Jewish people wrapping up Shabbat as they left the Signage, praying at the Western Wall, and speaking about God in their local parks was beautiful to watch.

Hearing the Muslims calling to begin their prayers in the Mosque was powerful. We were not allowed in the Mosque, but we could hear their cry.

What was most incredible in Jerusalem, was being able to stand in the center and experience each people and their respective traditions within the blink of an eye. The passion, faith, and history that exists in Jerusalem is unique in nature, and an once in a lifetime experience.


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