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Day 3: Can you make this world a Better Place?

January 8, 2012

Better Place. The name of the electric car company derived from an entrepreneurship conference that the Founder attended; there, the president of Israel asked all the entrepreneurs – “what can you do to make the world a better place?” – what is now called Better Place  was his response.

Better Place is an electric company that offers a one stop shop for its consumers. It supplies the customer with both the car and the charger! Each car buyer gets a charger installed in one’s home, and even at work, if purchasing the minimum yearly mileage requirement. In addition, it offers both charging and battery swap stations throughout the country. Each fully charged battery powers 160 kilometers worth of travel with a maximum speed limit of about 90 mph. When traveling more than 160 kilometers, one can drive into a battery swap station to trade a discharged battery in for a charged one. Swap stations are located every 40 kilometers throughout Israel, and make the transition to a electric car rather simple.

The beauty of this start-up is its socially responsible foundation. It was built in efforts to combat our oil addictive tendencies. With cars using most of all of oil supplies and depleting oil resources, something had to change, and Better Place became an agent.

Though currently monopolizing the electric battery swap automobile industry, competition is treading water, and slowly but surely, will work alongside Better Place. I look forward to Better Place  working out its kinks in the beginning stages, developing the product further, and selling massive amounts of cars in order to support a revolutionary movement.


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