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Day 9: Jaffa & Goodbye!

My last day was full of the beautiful images you see above, all of which were captured as we walked in the hale to the oldest port in Israel, Jaffa!

We traveled there on Shabbot, so the streets were rather empty, but  I could still feel the culture and history in the ora.It was amazing to view buildings over 2000 years old, and to think that one point all imports and exports from Israel ran through this exact location!

From the hummus to the scenary, Jaffa was amazing and I am already planning my next trip back!

I did not want to leave Israel, it was a spiritual and intellectual trip that made me fall in love with all of Israel. It was a great experience, unique in nature, and priceless to say the least.


Day 8: Brunch !

Brunch was great ! We were able to interact with several Pace University Alumni, and see what journeys they had taken to Israel. Whether it was their marriage, heritage, or desire to be submerged in the rich culture, each individual had made it back with a story of success

One of the most striking stories, was the one of the General. Knowing the importanceof the Israeli Army, it was honor to meet him.

I truly enjoyed hearing about the various start-ups that our alumni had created, the words of advice they offered, and the time with the General. The restaurant was right by the beach, and provided an awesome ending to our personal Israeli journey!

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Day 7: Tel Aviv University!

Going to Tel Aviv University was one of my favorite experiences of the trip! After researching its history, culture, and norms, I was excited to experience it directly! The campus was beautiful, and the student body was very welcoming!

In addition to the campus feel, the classroom experience at Tel Aviv was also pleasant! We got to converse, exchange contact information, and make friends with all the students in the class. Interacting with students our age was awesome!

Lastly, the lectures given at Tel Aviv were of substance and very beneficial. I enjoyed the discussion on innovation, and its inception being the simple identification of a problem. If one can identify an issue in society, and find a way to creatively resolve it, one can be an entrepreneur! Discussing these same ideas with students in the class who had already started their own companies was priceless!

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Day 6: It’s 3D!

Connex Family Printer        Eiffel Tower Prototype        Alien Head Prototype

Imagine waking up in the morning, not having a clean mug, and being able to produce one from your printer; how convenient would that be? Well Objet can make it happen!

Objet is a leading provider for 3D printing solutions for rapid prototyping. Not only can Objets printers produce the mug, they can also do it various materials! Serving clients like Nike, Mercedes Benz, and Nokia, Objet has been able to provide quality products that enhance the overall production process.

Objet’s ability to create a good product is not its only reason for success; Objet’s service to its customers is also of top notch quality. Conducting three hundred and sixty degree surveys and looking at all perspectives of its service, Objet has been able to identify its weaknesses and strengthen them.

In addition to a great product and service, Objet acknowledges that to stay ahead of the competition, innovation must never stop! Objet has the biggest investment per capita in research and development in its industry, which has enabled Objet to produce three families of printers that are above all the rest. With offices in India, China, United States, Israel, and Hon Kong, Objet is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


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Day 5: Who came first, the chicken of the egg?

While at Chiasma, I was able to engage in a dynamic conversation regarding the funding of entrepreneurial endeavors. The major question of the day was, “who came first, the chicken or the egg?”.

When considering entrepreneurial endeavors, funding is of the utmost importance. A great idea can only be realized with capital, but in order to get capital, a great idea must be realized! It’s the age-old dilemma of every transitional period in every life cycle.

I really enjoyed the risk and courage that the panelist displayed and discussed. I was truly able to see Israeli chutzpah embodied, and able to identify its worth. The conversation was not only inspiring, but provided me with the necessary tips to obtain funding:

1. Perfect your idea

2. Get the experts to develop it

3. Believe in your product!

The highlight of the experience was being able to talk to not only entrepreneurs, but also venture capitalist. Hearing both aspects of the funding process, and understanding what entrepreneurs and investors recommend when soliciting capitol was priceless! The controversial opinions kept the conversation interesting, and provided my classmates and I with significant perspective. Dalia Megiddo MD, Managing Partner, Expedio Ventures, Galit Zuckerman, CEO, Medasense, Steven Eitan, CEO, Exalenz, Dana Gelbaum, VP Commercial Planning, Chiasma Daniel David, Commwell Mediacal all brought valuable experiences and advice to the table.

Day 4: Where Innovation Never Stops!

MGT 347 engaged in the art of innovation!

As I walked through the Iscar complex, I wondered to myself if there was an “Innovation for Dummies” book laying around that I had never heard of. Iscar managed to revolutionize medal cutting through innovation, developing techniques that maximized its skill, and brought the industry to new heights!

Take a moment to think of cutting medals. Whether doing it by hand, or with a machine, one would think that it could easily be sawed through with a steel or iron blade. Simple right? Wrong! Iscar used highly technical engineering to create a completely automated system that would cut medals accurately and precisely. The machines Iscar developed would cut operations cost and increase the quality of the product for the consumer, enhancing medal cutting as a whole.

Imagine walking into a manufacturing room full of robots operated by laser signals sent by other machines. Imagine a complete assembly line that required minimal human supervision and maintenance. Now imagine Iscar’s manufacturing room, take a visit, and watch as your imagination is realized. I was in awe at what was in front of my eyes! I asked Moshe Goldberg, the VP of Marketing, how it was done. He replied by stating, “we focused on strengthening our strengths, continuously bettering our product”.

Focus is the key of innovation and entrepreneurship! One is presented with a problem, critically evaluates the essence of the issue, and thinks outside of the box to resolve it. Then one focuses its strengths, develops the product, and makes it better through each stage of transformation. One cannot take on too much to be successful. Focus on what your good at, in order to be great! Iscar became great at cutting medals, and hired companies great at creating robots to assist them in their success.

Change your industry through your strength, and  Never Stop


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